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Metal Finishing - Plating - Anodizing

ALUMINUM TYPE I II III 1,2,3 Anodize - Quick Study
IPEC Staff   
Want to add an Aluminum Anodizing or an Alodine / Chemfilm line to your facility? We specialize in designing and building lines, and then teaching your people how to anodize.  click for full text

Machine Shop Plating&Anodizing - Bring it Home
IPEC Staff   
Electro-plating&anodizing is becoming a big problem for many small and midsize machine shops. Here we look at a new generation of affordable stand-alone plating and anodizing tools that make sense  click for full text

Zoltan Mester PhD   
Every 4 years a number of facilities in California must report their accomplishments and future plans related to pollution prevention as required by SB-14 regulation. This includes many plating shops.  click for full text

Starting a Decorative Chrome Plating Business
Ken Emilio   
You own a motorcycle or custom rod shop and are sick of paying skyhigh prices for chrome plating. You think you may want to get into the chrome plating business.. this article is a good first step.  click for full text

Titanium Anodizing - Surgical Implants&Aerospace
Titanium Anodizing of Surgical implants and fasteners has become a regular occurance in the metal finishing field. Titanium anodizing is for the most part safe, practical and profitable.  click for full text

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