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Batch Treatment

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Storage Tanks for Batch Treatment

IPEC offers a large selection of one piece molded polyethylene storage tanks and accessories in our ONLINE Store. Capacities can range from 100 to 10,000 gallons or more. IPEC offers flat and cone bottom tanks with many features such as piping and hi/low level alarms.

In Batch Treatment operations, storage tanks are used as segregation / holding tanks prior to the Reactor and just after treatment as test and release tanks. This permits testing of the Batch to verify that the treated water meets all specifications prior to being recycled or discharged.

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Series 500 Pump & Lift Stations

IPEC Pumping and Lift stations are used to receive waste and rinse waters from process operatons, segregate incompatible waste streams, and then pump them to a holding tank or directly to the Batch Reactor. These pumping stations can be fully automated and sized for small flows or very large depending upon need. All IPEC Series 500 stations are completly pre-wired and piped. Complete instrumentation and alarm features are included.

IPEC offers many styles of pumping and transfer systems. Our ONLINE Store will give you features and competitive pricing.

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Polishing Filters for Batch Treatment
Polishing filters are regularly used in Batch treatment systems after filter pressing to remove fine particulates that may have escaped the filter press. Polishing filters serve to prepare the water or treated wastewaters for final purification, carbon treatment, or to protect membrane systems such as RO or IX for water recycle or discharge. IPEC offers polishing filters for virtually all Batch Treatment needs.

Visit the IPEC ONLINE Store to select the right polishing filter for your needs.

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Series 600 Transfer Station
Four pumps for the price of one!!
The Series 600 Transfer Station is one of the most versatile and useful of the IPEC line of transfer pump systems. The unit has four PVC valved inlets and four valved outlets. We designed the 600 to replace up to four pumps when transfering compatable liquids from one processing or holding tank to another. IPEC uses an all polypro self-priming double diaphram air pump with fluorocarbon wetted parts. This system really saves money and space. When hooked up to flexible hose the system is truly portable.

Technical Bulletin

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Batch Treatment
Batch treatment allows the operator precise control of the process cycles and bath. IPEC has been designing and building affordable batch treatment systems for the past 25 years. Our units can be configured for many treatment applications, here are just a few.
. pH Neutralization
. Solids Removal - Dissolved and Suspended
. Heavy Metal Precipitation
. Oil and water Separation
. Carbon Treatment
. Bio-remediation
. BOD augmenation
. Aqueous Cleaner Recycling
We have displayed some of the components of a typical Batch Treatment System below.
Visit the ONLINE STORE and view our TECH bulletins for more information and pricing for Batch Treatment reactors and accessories.

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Series 2000 Batch Treatment Reactor
The IPEC Series 2000 Reactor is the heart of any Batch System. It is the most versatile and easy to operate system in the industry today. Not to mention the most affordable, feature for feature. IPEC has sold hundreds of these in the past years. It is recipe driven and can be configured for dozens of batch processes and waste streams. The unit features all control and monitoring instrumentation, visual and audio alarms, automatic air diaphram reagent feed pumps, mixing, automated cooling for unwanted exothermic reactions, observation platform and seismic #4 superstructure. The Series 2000 comes fully assembled and skid mounted.

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Dewatering Filter Press
A Filter Press is used to help dewater sludge that is generated in many batch operations. 40% to 60% solid cakes are produced by filter presses. These units are far superior to bag or cartridge filter systems for removing soilds from wastewater. IPEC offers filter presses from small laboratory to large capacity systems. Our ONLINE Store will show you sizing and prices. IPEC TECH Bulletins are helpful in determining applications for Filter Presses.

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