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Ion Exchange is often used in Closed Loop or Zero Discharge systems to recycle rinse waters and meet mil-spec and commercial needs. The big challanges in using Ion Exchange effectivly occur from poor design in the sizing of the resin beds and lack of proper waste minimization in the up-stream processes that produce the wastewater. Choosing the right vendor here is crucial. Improper application of IX can be very costly indeed.

There are two principle types of IX systems On-site regeneration and Mobile off-site regenration. On-site regeneration is becoming more impractical every year especially in the metal finishing industry because the initial costs are so high and the payback is low.

IPEC uses Ion Exchange regularly in metal finishing operations with great success, but Ion Exchange alone is not the answer. You must target your use of IX to specific pollutants and remove non-targeted pollutants before they foul the beds. Here the use of

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