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Wastewater Treatment - Pollution Control

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Series 500 Automated Pump & Lift Station
Our premier Pump and Lift Station, when you need the best!
The IPEC Series 500 is a fully integrated pump and lift station combining receiver tank, pumps, valving/piping and automated controls for transfering continuous or intermitant flows of wastewater streams from upstream processes. This is a dual pumping system that is fully automated with multi-level sensor controls and alarms. The pumping sequences are designed to give automatic emergency back-up should one pump fail.

Technical Bulletin

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Series 500-20 Mini-Lift Station
Automatic pumping stations economically collect and transfer corrosive wastes from production machines or laboratory sinks where gravity drains cannot be used. As liquid waste enters the holding tank, its level is sensed by the level control. The liquid will rise to a pre-determined level where the control actuates the pump. As the liquid level drops, the level control sensor shuts the off pump.
Standard materials of construction include high-density molded Polyethylene holding tank, CPVC single-phase pump with Viton O-ring, Polypropylene level controls and cover, stainless steel fasteners and non-metallic vapor seal gaskets, clear PVC level window/access port. Other materials available including CPVC, PVDF, Polyethylene and PVC.
NOTE FOR D.I. WATER APPLICATIONS: RF capacitance level technology may not be suitable. Ultrasonic level detection and other technologies are available.

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