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Expert Plating & Anodizing Consultants

IPEC people have over 35 years in building and operating plating and anodizing facilities. We can develop new processes or help you upgrade your existing processes. All of our consulting is affordable and goal oriented and outcome based. We guarantee results or you do not pay.

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Design and Drafting Services
IPEC offers experienced design and drafting services to the entire metal finishing industry. We can layout your system on AutoCad LT or other formats. Drawings can be developed for RFQ, construction or permit aquisitions. Our prices are very competitive even against in-house design because we can do the job faster and fewer redraws.

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Waste Water & Zero Discharge Training

IPEC offers affordable expert training in multiple disciplines of waste water treatment and waste minimization. We teach Zero Discharge techniques and standard treatment systems as well. We come to your facility and teach you how to maximize your systems. We also offer operations training, compliance management, troubleshooting and engineering.

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Regulatory & Permits

Over the past 30 years IPEC has built hundreds of chemical processing facilities worldwide. We can offer you complete consulting and permit aquisition & compliance help in building and maintaining your facility.

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