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Industrial Metal Finishing
Machine Tool Plating Anodizing Consoles

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Machine shops with small job lots are constantly faced with subcontracting plating and anodizing to outside vendors. IPEC offers complete chemical processes including plating and anodizing, passivate, electro-polish, electro-forming, chemfilm and nital etch to name a few.
With IPEC expertise you can finally bring these processes in house for an affordable price. All systems are fully integrated including air and water pollution control. These systems are designed to accomodate various machine shop formats such as LEAN MFG. Contact us with your requirements.

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This is a free standing - self contained plating bench designed by IPEC for depositing platinum and other precious metals on turbine blades and components used in power plant operations. The module integrates , process and rinse tanks,fume exhaust, DC power supplies, Dc bussing, programable timing, pH monitoring, filtration and solution heating, (etc). Utilities are integrated into the system and installation requires only single point connections. Systems are constructed and tested at IPEC prior to shipment.

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