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Industrial Metal Finishing
Brush Plating & Anodize For Industry

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What is Brush Plating & Anodizing?

Brush Plating deposits a wide range of metals on metallic surfaces without the need for traditional dip tanks. Anodizing, passivation, electro-polish along with various types of electro-cleaning and stripping are also available using the brush format.

Here we see brush plating being used to build up a worn shaft to acceptable tolerances using high strength nickel plating.

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Aviation Plating & Anodizing

A Brush Plating and Anodizing kit is a standard tool in a depot or shop maintenance facility. Replating or anodizing damaged or worn components is simple to do and can be done without sending the parts to a offsite plating company.

Here cadmium is plated on bearing surfaces IAW QQ-P-416 followed by a chromate conversion coating.

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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Hydraulic cylinders that have suffered scratches and gall marks can be repaired. In many cases cylinders that have shallow cuts can be repaired in the field. Deep gouging or extensive pitting may require bringing the cylinder into the shop.

Copper plating is used to fill deep gouges followed by high strength nickel and then finished with chromium.

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Too Big for a Tank?

In many cases parts that need to be selectivly plated or anodized may be just too big to fit into a tank. Or the area needing to be repaired is so small that it does not warrant removing the component. This is where brush plating and anodzing shine.

The savings achieved in down time, shipping and labor to remove and refit can be hugh!

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Electronics - Gold and Silver Contacts

Brush plating offers the ability to plate precious metals for difficult or special electrical contact configurations.

Copper, Tin, Gold, Silver, even platinum are standard proceedures with brush plating.

Substrates such as aluminium that would normally require special metalizing prior to plating can be plated directly with only nominal surface preparation.

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Selective Plating for Precision Treads

Copper and Cadmium are plated on precision threads and bearings to prevent galling and improve lubricity. Here copper is plated on the ID threads of stainless steel flanges.

Brush plating allows this to be done with a minimum amount of time and effort.

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