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Wastewater Treatment - Pollution Control

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Continuous Flow Treatment

Continuous Flow Treatment is the primary method of treating wastewater in the world today. Continously running rinses and process waters can flow as low as 1 gallon per minute to hundreds of gallons per minute. The cost per each gallon treated is far less than batch treatment or other methods in most cases. The down side is the potential lack of consistant quality of effluent, (Discharged water). Also highly concentrated wastewater streams tend to lend themselves more to batch treatment.
IPEC Global continuous systems are unique because during the past 30 years of building these units we have standardized them and packaged them in such a manner to allow for ease of installation and operations at an extremely low price. Apples to Apples, IPEC systems are the best value on the market today.
Here are just a few of the dilute wastewater streams and configurations that IPEC offers. All IPEC systems are fully automatic yet have no Black Boxes and no trade secrets, unless of course you call common sense a trade secret!
> pH Neutralization
> Organics removal
> Heavy Metal Precipitation
> Chromium Reduction and Precipitation
> Cyanide Destruct
> BOD and COD
> Suspended Solids
> Disolved Solids
> Oil-Water Separation
> Water Clarification
IPEC services almost every industry with these systems. From food processors to Metal Finishing to mining, auto and truck washing,or textiles. IPEC systems offer a wide range of applications.
Visit our ONLINE Store to see complete descriptions and pricing for treatment systems and accessories.

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1000-Jr. Wastewater Reactor - Low Flow
The 1000 Jr. is a prepackaged stand-alone, pH neutralization reactor for low flows, (0-5 GPM), but can also be designed to support a high volume treatment system as a final pH adjust and sampling station prior to discharge. The 1000 Jr. can be configured for more complex waste streams as well. These include hexavalent chrome reduction, cyanide destruct, and many others.

Visit our ONLINE Store for pricing.

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1000-STD Wastewater Reactor - Medium Flow
The 1000 STD Reactor is a 0-10 gpm continuous-flow treatment system with automatic pH adjustment in each stage of the reactor. Depending upon the application, the unit may contain 2 to 4 treatment stages, and can include ORP monitoring and adjusting.

Refer to our TECH Bulletins and visit the ONLINE Store to see the many applications and pricing for the Series 1000 STD Reactor.

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1000-SR Wastewater Reactor - High Flow
The 1000 STD Reactor is a high-volume, (0-60 gpm) continuous-flow treatment system with pH adjustments in each stage of the reactor. Similar to other IPEC Reactors the 1000-SR is prepackaged and ready to install. The 1000-SR can stand alone or be connected to an inclined plate clarifier such as the Series 3000. All IPEC Reactors share the same flexibility to be designed to treat many different types and volumes of wastewater.

Our Tech Bulletins and ONLINE Store can show you many of the ancillary products that mate to the Series 1000-SR Reactor.

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1000-PE Wastewater Reactor - High Flow
1000-PE Reactors are high capacity systems, (60 to 150 gpm or greater), that can stand-alone or be integrated with a clarifier, pump station, filter press, etc. The reactors come fully assembled including multi-stage polyethylene reactor tanks, seismic-4 tank support structures, full lenght observation platforms, mixers, automated chemical addition pumps and controls with full instrumentation.

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Series 9500 Wastewater Reactor / Clarifier
The Series 9500 Reactor is an all-in-one design that IPEC developed for small to medium flows up to 30 Gpm.

The Series 9500 combines the reactor and clarifier in one system. This fully integrated design significatly reduces floor space and installation costs. Like all of the IPEC treatment systems, the 9500 can be configured for almost any wastewater stream. Contact us for details.

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Series 3000 Clarifier
IPEC offers a complete line of inclined plate clarifiers, gravity settlers, and packed media separators for almost every industry and application. Clarifiers are normally used directly after a reactor however many applications require only the clarifier and do not need chemical reactors. The primary job of the reactor is to condition the waste stream to allow for precipitation of solids or separation of the pollutants from the water. The primary job of the clarifier is to facilitate the rapid separation of the solids by gravity fallout or packed bed separation devices in the clarifier.

Visit the IPEC ONLINE Store for various styles and pricing of clarifiers.

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Series 3100 Plate Clarifier - Low Flow

The IPEC Series 3100 is a high efficiency continuous flowing clarifier for flow rates from 0-15 gpm. The 3100 is constructed of all 1/2 white polypropylene. The plate-pack is also constructed of all polypropylene for long life and ease of wash down. We have incorporated a polymer blending cell, 25 micron screen separator for floating solids, and a sludge settling section.

Visit our ONLINE STORE for pricing and technical bulletins.

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Series 500 Pump & Lift Stations

IPEC Pumping and Lift stations are used to receive waste and rinse waters from process operatons, segregate incompatible waste streams, and then pump them at a programed flow rate to a surge holding tank or directly to the continuous flow Reactor. These pumping stations can be fully automated and sized for small flows or very large depending upon need. All IPEC Series 500 stations are completly pre-wired and piped. Complete instrumentation and alarm features are included.

IPEC offers many styles of pumping and transfer systems. Our ONLINE Store will give you features and competitive pricing.

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Dewatering Filter Press for Continuous Flow
A filter press is used in a continuous flow system to draw down and dewater the sludge that accumulates in the bottom of a clarifier. Depending upon the density and time required for the sludge to develop, a press can be manually set or automatically timed to remove the slude. With the advent of better waste minimization techniqes the need for very large filter presses is diminishing. A filter press is far superior to bag or other low pressure filters which tend to foul quickly, especially when metal bearing or light polymer sludges are present. There really is no good substitute for filter press in a continuous flow system.

Visit our ONLINE Store for pricing and styles of filter presses.

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Polishing Filter
In a Continuous Flow Treatment System a Polishing Filter is used to remove any trace suspended solids that may have escaped the Claifier or filter press. These solids can be as small as 1 micron and be very light. A good Polishing Filter will have little problem removing these particals prior to discharge.

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