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Commercial Finishing Opportunites

Commercial Metal Finishing

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This facility is a modular plating system designed by IPEC to apply specialty finishes to consumer products such as home furnishings, sporting goods and metal sculpture. The finishes supported by this line include gold, silver, copper, black chrome, nickel, platinum and palladium. In addition organic finishes such as antique bronze, patina and other oxide finishes are applied. IPEC systems are designed for captive and job shop work.

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Custom Firearms Finishing

Custom finishing a single pistol or mass finishing of firearms include many types of metal finishing options. Electroplating gold, nickel, chrome, hard coat anodizing, parkerizing, black oxide, e-coat, ceramic acrylics, two part organics, just to name a few. Whatever your firearm finishing needs are, IPEC can design a system to match your needs.
This Colt semi-auto was heavy gold plated using one of our brush plating systems.

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Motorcycle Chrome Plating & Anodizing

IPEC Global can supply everything you need to begin electro-plating and anodizing motorcycle components. From small custom finishing shops to fully automated high production facilities.

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Faucet & Fixtures

The Faucet and Fixture industry demands some of the most unusual and exotic finishes in the world. IPEC supplies turnkey systems for the plating and patination of all faucet and home furnishing product lines.

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Titanium Anodizing

Titanium Anodizing is finding its way into everything from high end sporting equipment like racing bicycles to surgical implants and exotic jewerly. Unlike most metal finishing processes titanium anodizing is very safe and affordable to bring in house.

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Selective Plating & Anodizing

Selective Plating and Anodizing is available for virtually all industries. Selective plating & anodizing can be confirgured for new products and for the repair of damaged or worn components.

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Machine & Tooling

Advanced finishing of tooling and specialty coatings such as hard chrome and copper plating are constantly in demand. Here copper is plated on ID threads to insure lubricity and prevent galling during installation of the flanges. Passivation and coatings such as cadmium and zinc are used on component exteriors to increase corrorsion resistance.

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Statuary and Sculpture

This large lion medallion was copper coated then polished and patined for a weathered look. Decorative finishing increases both appeal and value to many product lines. IPEC develops finishes that gives each piece a unique identity.

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Anitque Plating & Finishing
Restoration of anitiques using electro-plating is an art unto itself. Silver and Gold plating must be preceeded with proper polishing and cleaning.

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Gold Plating Watches

Gold Plating watches is a truly precision artform. Not only must the gold be flawless in its surface characteristics but the thickness of the gold deposit must not interfer with the fine machined assembly. Quality gold plating involves proper polishing, pre-cleaning and multi-layer coatings of metals such as copper and nickel.

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Kitchen & Bath

Custom metal finishing for the kitchen, bath and home furnishing industry is an IPEC specialty. We can bring dozens of technologies to your products. This Oil Rubbed Bronze finished sink with polished accents is just one example.

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