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Plating & Anodizing Modular Systems

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Modular Electro-Plating
IPEC builds modular electro-plating systems for every kind of electro-plating process. The advantage of this type of system is that all process tanks, bath heating and cooling along with other ancillaries are built into the tool. Wastewater and ventilation are also built-in.
This tool was desiged to electro-plate precious metals on electronic components. It features aqueous cleaning, rinsing, nickel and gold plating. Price range for a system of this type is $25,000 to $60,000.

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Modular Anodizing
Anodizing, Type I,II,III can be configured in a compact modular system from IPEC Global. This system does Type I Chromic anodize to Mil-A-8625 on aerospace components. As with all IPEC modules all of the anicillaries such as DC power, cooling, heating, ventilation and controls are built-in.
This is a ZERO Discharge system sending no wastewater to the sewer. IPEC specializes in ZERO Discharge plating and anodizing systems.
Small stand alone systems cost from $25,000 to $65,000 depending upon complexity and production requirments. Contact us for pricing.

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Plating Lines with Manual Hoists
IPEC modular systems can be integrated with a manual hoist system for heavier loads. Hoists can be monorail, canteliver, bridge or rail-rider formats.
Hoist systems offer the advantage of increased dwell time over the process tanks. This reduces chemical losses due to drag-out and minimizes the amount of wastewater that needs to be treated or recycled.

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Modular Plating Units in Tandem
IPEC modular plating and anodizing systems can be easily integrated into longer process lines that increase capacity.
Here is a multi-stage plating system that feature four kinds of plating and integrates precleaning and rinsing. This is 60 foot line and cost approximately $175,000. Prices of course vary with features and complexity.

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