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Metal Finishing Equipment & Accessories
Plating & Anodzing Polypropylene Tanks

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Polypro Process Tanks - Small Capacity

Because IPEC tanks are custom fabricated we can supply almost any size and configuration you may need. Please contact us for quotations.

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Polypropylene Process Tanks - High Capacity

IPEC offers high volume plating and process tanks in virtually any size and configuration. All of our large capacity polypropylene tanks are constructed of either 1/2 or 3/4 inch thick polypro welded with nitrogen. We include structural steel girthing encapsulated in 1/4 inch thick plastic.
IPEC can outfit your tanks with DC bussing, mechanical or air agitaion. Tanks can be configured for rack or barrel plating with all appropriate tank accessories.
Please use our contact form or send us your Request for Quotation.

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