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Fiberglass Floor Grating

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Fiberglass Floor Grating - Pultruded
GLOBALGRID pultruded grating is assembled by pultruded bearing bar("I" beam or "T" beam) and cross bar with a high percentage of fiberglass within the laminate, providing durability, extremely high unidirectional strength and stiffness. The cross bar is mechanically interlocked and epoxy bonded to the bearing bar.

Panels are made from Isophthalic resins for corrosion resistance and fire retardancy. This is the same high grade materials as our molded panels. Standard colors are grey and yellow. IPEC offers other colors, resins and sizes not listed. Contact us for information.

Note: Panel size is specified: Width x Length x Thickness. Width is the measurement from end to end of the cross bars (in feet). Length is always the bearing bar length (in feet). Thickness is the height of the "I" Beam (in inches).

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