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Rinse Water Control Recycling

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Rinse Tank Controller
In wastewater treatment, the name of the game is minimization. The IPEC rinse tank controller does just that. The system is programable and allows the user to precisely dose a specific amount of water for each load placed in a tank. Every time a load is manually placed in a tank the operator hits the button and a timed delay relay turns on a water solinod for either spray or immersion rinsing. Combined with a fixed flow valve the unit will consistantly dose the exact amount of water needed to rinse the parts and then shut itself off. 50 to 75% wastewater savings are common with this unit while maintaining product quality. Rinse controllers can also be configured in use with automated hoist and process lines.

Do not mistake this controller for the old fashion conductivity rinse controllers. Those units are difficult to maintain and they do not work with suspended solids. The IPEC units converts time to gallons and eliminates the guess work.



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