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Zero Discharge / Closed Loop

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Filter Press

Filter presses are one of the work horses of treatment operatations. Simply put a filter press is used to dewater sludge that is generated when using chemical operations such as precipitation systems for removing metals from wastewater. Other uses for filter presses can be large scale carbon treatment of wastewater, filtration of concentrated cleaning chemicals, separation of liquid generated products as in wineries and food plants. Facility and sump cleanups along with many other operations use filter presses.

The IPEC ONLINE Store will give you information and pricing for many kinds of Filter Presses.

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An evaporator can be used to reduce the volume of waste that is to be hauled off, allowing significantly more time between haulings, and at a lower cost. Typically we do not evaporate untreated wastewater or concentrates. This tends to destroy even the finest evaporators and causes problems with air emissions. Rather we batch treat concentrates and dilute rinses before evaporation. Also we filter press all solids to avoid sludge buildup which reduce efficiency in evaporators. Evaporators can be heated or atmospheric depending upon volumes and geographic location.

Our ONLINE Store has several examples of evaporators to choose from.

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Polishing Filtration

A polishing filter is used to reduce fine contaminants within the waste stream before or after a specific treatment operation to protect sensitive equipment such as RO membranes or IX resins. Polishing can also be used to carbon treat water within a vessel by constant recycling. Concentrated wastewaters tend to foul polishing filters. IPEC uses polishing filters in many ZERO Discharge and Closed Loop applications because they low cost, and if applied properly they are very effective.

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