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Titanium Anodizing - Surgical Implants & Aerospace
Titanium Anodizing of Surgical implants and fasteners has become a regular occurance in the metal finishing field. Titanium anodizing is for the most part safe, practical and profitable.  click for full text

ALUMINUM TYPE I II III 1,2,3 Anodize - Quick Study
IPEC Staff   
Want to add an Aluminum Anodizing or an Alodine / Chemfilm line to your facility? We specialize in designing and building lines, and then teaching your people how to anodize.  click for full text

Starting a Decorative Chrome Plating Business
Ken Emilio   
You own a motorcycle or custom rod shop and are sick of paying skyhigh prices for chrome plating. You think you may want to get into the chrome plating business.. this article is a good first step.  click for full text

Machine Shop Plating & Anodizing - Bring it Home
IPEC Staff   
Electro-plating & anodizing is becoming a big problem for many small and midsize machine shops. Here we look at a new generation of affordable stand-alone plating and anodizing tools that make sense  click for full text

Zero Discharge for Electro-Plating and Anodizing
Ken Emilio   

In California its Comply or Die! The sewer connection is like drugs, you hate it but you think you cannot live without it, or you are too scared to try. Zero Discharge is now possible and affordable!  click for full text

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